8 Ways To Combat Workplace Rudeness

If you have been following this column, you know the research and statics recently shared about how rude we are as an American society.
Just the other day, I encountered rude behavior in public twice in the span of a few hours; the first while running errands and the second in a business setting. I thought to myself, "That's two down. At least 15 more to go this week!" And I am compelled, once more, to make the case for a revival of etiquette in our daily living.
We must dispel the idea that etiquette is reserved for the table or for some self-described elite group of society that displays proper form as some sort of condescension or contempt for the Average Joe Citizen. Etiquette should be common sense for the common man (or woman).
It is not a cold politeness that is doled out to others without careful consideration of the audience or occasion. Neither should etiquette be something you don for special events or guests, but rather an everyday occurrence of courtesy, respect, self-restraint and thoughtful interaction. It is civility in public life and graciousness in family life.
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By Michelle Powell CEO of Professional Manner February 9th, 2015

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