Business card etiquette tips for the sophisticated businessman or woman

Business cards or "calling cards," as they were once referred to, have long been a part of business and social society. They are an integral part of first impressions beginning with design. The quality of business cards begin with a good cardstock, clean lines, easy to read fonts (not too fancy or too small), and a company logo appropriately sized – meaning not more prominent than your contact information. I've noticed that some independent consultants and entrepreneurs like to be fancy with their cards. Unless you are in the food, art or other aesthetically driven industry, skip fancy fonts, colors, images or unusual sizes; save that for your other business marketing materials and website. Business cards should be easy to read at a quick glance. Not only that, some people have an emotional response to non-standardized business cards. You don't want to risk someone taking the design negatively and therefore not take you or your business seriously.
Exchanging cards with a new acquaintance, business associate or potential client is an important activity that must not be taken for granted or haphazardly executed. Learning the finer points of business card etiquette (yes, there is such a thing) gives you a distinctive advantage over so many others who encounter that same person during a business event. One of the fine distinctions a professional can make is in how he or she presents a business card. Here are a few tips.
Be organized. Remember to carry cards with you at all times, as you may run into someone on your off time. Put them in multiple places if necessary. Start by using a card case, which helps keep your cards in good shape. Fishing cards out of a purse or pocket (even worse, a stuffed wallet) can look disheveled. Think ahead and load it with enough cards but don't pack it too tightly, which makes them hard to get out. Decide where you will put cards you receive. It is a good idea to keep them in a separate place (a pocket is OK here) or in your card case if it has a divider. (Read Full Article at www.al.com by Clicking Read More button below)
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By Michelle Powell CEO of Professional Manner March 17th, 2014

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