Planning a business trip? Be sure to take these etiquette tips with you

Frequent business travelers have established routines. They know how and what to pack, how much cash versus credit cards to have on hand, hotel preferences and so on. But even the seasoned traveler can make a few missteps when it comes to certain behaviors on the road. Travel etiquette is an important competence to have and should not to be taken for granted when considering the overall success of a trip.
Remember that wherever you are during a business trip is considered a business setting and therefore requires professional conduct at all times. You are still representing your company, not just yourself. While traveling with the boss or colleagues offers bonding time, be careful not to get too comfortable or familiar. You may encounter a cold shoulder back in the office or find yourself left out on the next trip or worse. Take these tips with you for a better trip.
Before you leave. Start by preparing others for your absence. Update your outgoing voicemail and activate your out-of-office email response to let others know you are unavailable and when they can expect to hear from you. It is also helpful to provide options such as other forms of communication (if you want to be reached) and other points of contact within your office. If you are working on a shared project, be sure others know how and where to find your files (digital and physical), a trail on the latest communications and any other pertinent information. (Read Full Article at by Clicking Read More button below)
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By Michelle Powell CEO of Professional Manner April 28th, 2014

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