Avoid arguing, give compliments and 6 other tips for polishing your conversation skills in the workplace

Forming relationships cannot be accomplished without communication. Exactly how one communicates, however, sets the tone for the relationship. In a business environment where changing or ending a relationship can sometimes be harder than in personal life, even more effort is required to make certain that attention is given to proper form, language and tone. Saying something without giving thought to how it may be received can be hazardous and can send a relationship spiraling downward.
Some of the best places to work are those where team members get along well. Notwithstanding other factors, it comes as no surprise that these teams have proven to be more productive with greater company loyalty and job satisfaction. Communication across all levels is key; this, however, is not simply referring to routinely disseminating information. Team members report a higher level of engagement and morale when daily interactions (including small talk) are cordial and respectful, especially coming from leadership. Some of the best lessons I've learned from those in leadership is their style of personal communication. No matter the message, they have a way of engaging their audience that leads to buy-in and cooperation when it really matters. Here are a few lessons on conversation skills:
Start with being a good listener. This is your best weapon against misunderstandings and potentially grave errors. No matter how busy you are, take the time to really listen and you will avoid problems later. Others feel slighted when you do not give your full attention, which can hinder the relationship moving forward. You may be met with a lack of interest or cooperation when it is your turn to be heard. Poor listening can also result in costly mistakes that impact the organization's reputation or bottom line.
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By Michelle Powell CEO of Professional Manner September 8th, 2014

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