Etiquette Skills Essential to Business Success

By Michelle Powell May 14, 2013, Washington, DC

It is no secret that situations arise in business that sometimes leave you wondering, “Did I say the right thing?” or “how should I have handled that?” For more than a decade Professional Manner has been advising and training individuals, corporations, government agencies, non-profits, and universities on how to enhance their professional image while developing skills to conduct business in a more professional manner. Today’s business environment is heavily dependent upon cyber communications and other forms of impersonal relations. And while many professional development programs are heavily focused on technical skills training to keep up with global competition, soft skills training is sadly of less priority. People skills are waning in this fast-paced techno-savvy culture and yet 85% of all business success is due to the manner in which business is conducted; it is more about behavior than competence. Professional Manner’s founder and CEO Michelle Powell says, “Mistakes in etiquette can cost you business.”

Most professionals understand the surface concepts of etiquette and rely on what their mothers taught them about not talking with their mouths full or to look at someone when they are speaking to you. Powell and her team of etiquette experts are changing the way we look at manners. Powell states, “We help professionals improve their business relationships, polish their personal and company image, and establish a positive work environment”.

Professional Manner provides corporate training, public seminars and one-on-one coaching. After a recent seminar, Chicago native and business owner Demia Doggette stated, “Professional Manner offered invaluable seminars that helped me transform my business,” says Doggette. “And I learned how to maximize my personal effectiveness and social grace in any business situation.”

Professional Manner also provides consulting and advisory services to organizations engaged in workforce development, job readiness programs and human capital development projects.

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