Businesses Can Show Their Human Side on Random Acts of Kindness Day

Hopefully, you have begun meaningful dialog in the office (and at home) on how to impact change. Random Acts of Kindness Week is celebrated each year in February and provides a wonderful opportunity for dialog on the subject.
If you missed it this year (February 9-15), you still have time to participate on Random Acts of Kindness Day February 17th and beyond. If nothing else, plan organized activities for next year and work each day, individually, on demonstrating kindness.
Performing kind acts for others has proven to increase motivation and productivity among work groups as well as company loyalty when it is part of the work culture. Other benefits of kindness - performed or received - include lower stress levels and improvement of overall mental health.
Maslow's "peak experience" properly defines the emotional and physical sensation one experiences as a result of kindness. He describes it as "sudden feelings of intense happiness and well-being", a sense of connectivity to others. Performing unselfish acts for others benefits everyone involved. Steve Taylor, Ph.D. wrote in his Psychology Today article Elation: The Amazing Effect of Witnessing Acts of Kindness, "altruism transcends the separateness we often experience as human beings."
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By Michelle Powell CEO of Professional Manner February 16th, 2015

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