Professional Manner offers content-rich seminars and private coaching to help you enhance your business and personal success.
Corporate Civility
Respecting Boundaries • Sharing Space • Conflict Resolution • Business Ethics • Diversity and Inclusion • Transformational Leadership • Working with Difficult Personalities • Customer Service *Customized additions per individual client
Business & Social Etiquette
Professional Image Management • First Impressions • Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication Skills • Proper Greetings & Introductions • Business Wardrobe • Office Etiquette • Meeting Manners • Presentation Skills • Telephone and Technology Courtesy • Business Protocol • Client & Customer Relations • Successful Networking • Interviewing Skills from Both Sides of the Table
Business & Social Entertaining
Duties of Host and Guest • Sending and responding to Invitations • Multi-course Dining • Perfect Toasting • Appropriate Gifting • Art of Small Talk • Proper Attire – Understanding the Dress Code • Thank You Notes • Social Blunders to Avoid
Executive Dining Etiquette
From job interviews to client meetings and corporate functions, it is important for today’s professionals to know how to successfully conduct business during a meal. Table manners do matter and can make the difference between closing a deal and compromising your image. This in-depth dining etiquette tutorial will guide you from pre-planning to follow-up.
The Invite • Arrival • Seating • Restaurant Ordering • Conversation • Place Settings • Buffet Lines • Pacing Yourself • Multiple Guests • Paying the Bill • Accidents • Departure • Follow-up • Special Circumstances

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